Our Team

Laura Haines

Client & Operations Manager

Laura loves all things communication and enjoys connecting with people from all over the world. As a Liverpudlian and a linguist, Laura wholeheartedly relates to that frustrating feeling of language nuances holding you back from being authentically you. She used to be senior cabin crew at BA and has swapped her love for communicating with people in the skies for her love of helping people be the best communicators they can be. She loves being part of a company that is “truly helping people live their best lives”.

Emma Serlin

Founder & Director

Emma Serlin founded London Speech Workshop back in 2008. She hadn’t planned to set up a communication company – it was one of those convergent moments where all her life strands came together. She used her background as a theatre director, drama school training, a Psychology masters and training as a life coach and psychotherapist to develop the LSW Methodology – and is “deeply fulfilled by the responses and transformational stories we get from clients on a daily basis”. She is the author of The Connection Book and The Communication Equation.

Hannah Wright

Marketing Executive

Having grown up surrounded by travel and worked for several years in the tourism industry, Hannah has always been interested in communication and how it can enable people from different cultures to form special bonds. She has hugely increased her communication confidence by travelling around the world and learning two new languages, and encourages everyone to go outside their comfort zone to overcome these hurdles.  Hannah is inspired by “working for a company that helps less confident people flourish”.

Freyja Westwood

eLearning Manager

With over 10 years experience in marketing and content production, Freyja has a fascination with how we create engaging, compelling and truly useful content. Consistently described by close friends as a great listener, she is passionate about people having their voices heard and the importance of being understood. Her personal quest to “join a value-led organisation who do meaningful work in the world”, has led her all the way from marketing agency, to London Speech Workshop, via one or two stops along the way!

Elise Watson

Assistant Client & Operations Manager

Elise has worked in both publishing and digital marketing – as an avid writer, she loves the way communication has the power to connect people from all over the world, regardless of language. Having grown up in a foreign country and at times struggled with the finer nuances of her own communication, Elise understands how empowering it is to be able to communicate in a way that is authentic to one’s true self. She feels passionate about “supporting people to have their voices heard”. To this end, Elise is also our Positive Change Ambassador, working hard to make the business give back to our community, global society and the environment to ensure we make a long-lasting and powerful difference.

Sarah Harvey

Client Success Executive

With a background in social work, Sarah has experience of engaging and communicating with a wide range of audiences, often in very challenging circumstances. Her understanding of the power of effective communication to transform (and even save) lives, alongside a pursuit of personal development, led Sarah to a new career with London Speech Workshop. Sarah values the “empathetic and empowering approach of LSW” and looks forward to helping people start their communication journey!

Rebecca Rodford

Client Success Executive

With a background in communications, editing and strategic engagement, Rebecca loves connecting with people and learning all about what makes them tick. Her fascination with how people and different cultures uniquely communicate began during her Social Anthropology degree, although she has always been a keen talker if her school reports are anything to go by! Rebecca believes “we are all able to harness the power of effective communication if we have the right tools, and that is how the London Speech Workshop changes lives”.

Elisa Bach

Head of Corporate

Elisa has worked in the corporate world for over 15 years in a range of sectors including finance, tech and media. With an MA in Modern Languages from Oxford University, Elisa appreciates the importance of using language effectively to enhance communication within various business scenarios. She is keen to help companies support their workforce and improve retention rates using LSW’s array of corporate training programmes, which help individuals feel empowered whilst promoting kindness within the workplace.  She is excited to support clients using our bespoke approach, taking time to fully understand the exact requirements in order to tailor our offerings and add our touch of LSW magic to the corporate world!

Emily Roscoe

Executive Assistant

Emily has always displayed an enthusiasm for coordination, organisation and communication within creative fields. She has a First class degree in Television Production Management (BA Hons) and has spent time working in the USA at both Walt Disney World and Summer Camp. Following on from her studies, Emily spent a number of years in the film industry where she focused her attention on setting up accounting processes and forming interdepartmental relationships. After realising the ever present lack of cohesiveness and communication skills in the film industry, Emily decided to make a career change and that’s when she found LSW.