The Communication Equation

Why do some people make communication look so easy? Why do we decide we’re going to listen to some speakers before they even open their mouths? Why do we listen, captivated, as they talk? And can we learn from what they do? In this inspiring and practical book, Emma Serlin shares the lessons she’s learned as an award-winning theatre director, coach and advisor to some of the world’s leading business people. Learn More

The Connection Book

This book will give people simple usable tools to improve and enrich their communication in 5 key areas so they feel more confident and effective. Simple tools for better communication that can be put into practice in as little as 5 minutes. Tips for communicating more effectively with your colleagues, business partners and family. Advice to guide you through behavioural economics, psychology, and self-leadership. Learn More


How to Speak More Clearly at Work

All of us know what it is like to have off days in the office, when we are just not in our groove, when a meeting goes awry. Whether you feel that communication is just not your forté, or you feel like things are pretty fantastic in that department until they are not, probably we can all benefit from some tricks and tools to pull out when we need them. This little eBook is packed with three fabulous tools to use when you are having one of those ‘off office’ days. Helping you to turn it around to find your optimum.

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5 Tools to Stop Your Accent Getting in the Way

Many non-native English speakers living in the UK find themselves caught in an annoying paradox. On the one hand, they are fluent in English and, to a great extent, see England as their home. On the other, having an accent means that often people’s first response will be to ask them where they are from. In this eBook, I have put five top tools to help you clear up those misunderstandings and feel more ownership over the language when you speak it, so that you can share your ideas without any interference.

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Mastering The Art Of Virtual Communication & Remote Working

Having meetings online is so much more than setting up Zoom and pressing the ‘go’ button. There are more risks within online communication to lose people’s interest, get distracted, and make a rather different impression than the one intended. In this eBook we’ve included our top tips for not just getting by, but acing your online and virtual communications.

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7 Tools For Giving Amazing Presentations At Work

If like most of us, you have good and bad presentation days, then you could probably benefit from a few powerful tools to help you hit that presentation sweet spot consistently, no matter what mood you’re in. Now, this isn’t a golden bullet and it won’t be able to make up for weak content. But it will help you to put your best foot forward time and time again.

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