British Accent Training Course

Accent Softening and Confident Speaking 10-week online course

Led by our expert coaches, you will learn to perfect your English accent and become a confident, empowered communicator in English. Over the last 12 years our accessible and intuitive Accent Softening method has led to the success of thousands of clients. Now this method is available through our eLearning platform at a fraction of the price to people all over the world.

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What if you could transform your spoken English in just 10 weeks?


Be confident that when you open your mouth to speak, the words come out exactly as you intend them to.


Find out which of your sounds are getting in the way or leading to misunderstanding and exactly what to do about them.


A mastery of British English is not about losing your accent, but about clarity, melody and confidence, which you will achieve with our powerful tools.


Our simple technique for intonation which can help you recreate the melody of neutral spoken English and sound like a native.

Let’s talk about who this course is really for…


  • You’re a fluent non-native English speaker whose accent sometimes gets in the way
  • You’re fed up with people asking you where you’re from 
  • You’re often asked to repeat yourself 
  • You feel your accent isn’t telling the story of who you are
  • You feel the way you speak could be holding you back 
  • You want to get your message across with confidence and clarity

Congratulations. You’re in the right place.

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Weekly Video Lessons

Weekly video lessons covering every sound of neutral spoken English (like having a personal coach in your pocket!)

Interactive Exercises

Interactive games and quizzes with your accent guide Speechy to keep you engaged and make learning fun and ‘sticky’.

practice with coaches

Practice videos with several LSW coaches to help you warm up for each module and embed every single sound.

handpicked ted talks

TED Talks with commentary on what works so you can learn from the best, and hone your skills in delivery too. 

check your progress

Assessments throughout the course so you can measure how you are doing and check your own progress. 

Amazing Free Bonuses

A touch of LSW magic with surprise bonus gems sprinkled throughout the course.

Support throughout

One of our eLearning team always on hand to help you with any course enquiries and ensure you have an amazing course experience.

personalised add-ons

Add-ons available to give personalised support with video reports, written reports and short 1:1 zoom sessions from £85.

Hear from our students

Here’s what some recent students have to say…

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Here we introduce you to some of the best and most exciting ideas of the Serlin Method™. These will reignite your passion for the language and give you a deeper understanding of vowels, consonants and the magic of engaging with your listener.

This module looks at two of the most common and troublesome sounds in Neutral Spoken English: the TH and the Non-Rhotic R. Find out if these are getting in the way of your speech and learn easy ways to get them right.

These three A vowels are common and can easily be mixed up with nearby neighbour sounds, leading to word confusion. The Serlin Method™ helps you to navigate these sounds and easily arrive at clear pronunciation.

Learn the surprising spellings of the common, yet tricky “o” sounds and the challenging “w” – what you need to know to avoid misunderstanding and gain the satisfaction that they will never trip you up again!

The Schwa is the most common sound in English, and hardly anyone knows it exists! This little vowel will make your life so much easier. We promise. And never confuse “n” and “ng” again.

There are many consonants in the English language, but most of them are pretty easy for non-native English speakers, so we’ve picked the ones that tend to get in the way. Using our simple method to remove any consonant glitches.

Create flow and bring in the musicality of English – whilst conserving your energy for the words that matter. You’ll also learn one of our best tips ever for unlocking “uhh” as in “curtain” – which can be troublesome. Do this and never struggle again.

Did you know that where the English accent has two sounds, many accents only have one? Two of the sounds you will learn here are responsible for so much confusion! Those days are soon to be a thing of the past!

Strange but true – this module will help you clearly distinguish the difference between the “oo” in “foot” and the “oo” in food. We’ll also dive into “ear” and “air” the last of your vowel sounds.

Learn about plurals, tenses, suffixes, emphasis, tips and tricks to make speaking in English a breeze. Here we uncover all the little facts that will help you to navigate the dips and troughs of English forevermore.


You’ll also have access to 3 incredible bonuses that will supercharge your study.

Bonus Module

The Perfectionist

All the sounds you probably won’t have an issue with, but just in case you do. This bonus module is for the perfectionists amongst you!


  • Lessons on the less problematic consonants and the “OI” and “OW” sounds
  • A completely free jam-packed extra module
  • This module covers all the other sounds you’re unlikely to need but might want to brush up on anyway


VALUE: £125


The Practice Area

Our comprehensive coach-led PRACTICE area – where you truly embed your learning. 


  • 2 extra hours of coach-led sound practice videos for every single sound
  • The LSW Gym – workouts for your muscles and brain
  • Make sure by the end of the course, the sounds and skills you learn are second nature
  • A curated cinema of TEDTalks so you can see great communication in action.

VALUE: £115


250-page manual

The Communication bible – this holds everything you could possibly want to know about mastering your communication in English.


  • Walkthrough every single sound in detail including even more exercises to try and prompts for note-taking
  • This is what we gift to every one of our 1:1 clients at LSW
  • Yours to download and keep forever


VALUE: £95

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is aimed at non-native English speakers who are fluent or near fluent. If you want to speak more clearly and confidently so you can be a more powerful and effective communicator in English – this course is for you.  If you are looking for an affordable course to soften your accent that offers incredible quality and a proven method this course is for you. 

  • Every vowel sound and every consonant sound of neutral spoken English
  • The rules of suffixes, word stress, plurals, tenses and spellings – the secrets that no-one tells you!
  • Which sounds are getting in the way of your clear communication and what to do about them.
  • How to use our three step engagement method to recreate English intonation and melody.

Yes! We’ve been working with people all over the world for over 12 years who want to sound more British. But we believe that effectively communicating in English is about more than just how you sound. In this course you will learn our proven Serlin Method™ for accent softening and confident speaking, which includes how to be an engaging and impactful speaker, not just how to change your accent.

Not at all. We work with people who have been in the UK for years and who are very much British, but feel their accent can sometimes act as a barrier. Our method for accent softening and reduction is completely unique. Over 12 years we have had incredible feedback and results with thousands of clients. What sets us apart is that we get that it is so much more than perfect English pronunciation. This is about confident communication that makes people want to listen.

What sets us apart is that we get that being an effective communicator is so much more than perfect English pronunciation. This is about confident communication that makes people want to listen.

We ask that all students are either fluent or near-fluent in English. 

We’re here to support you every step of the way. Our eLearning manager is available via email for support questions at any point in your journey. If you want more individual attention, you can book a 1:1 session with one of our coaches at any time during your course.

We’ve been working with clients for over 12 years, using a tried and tested step-by-step process, and see the life-changing results this has for our clients. Our client testimonials and reviews explain more, how effective our course is.

The core learning should take you about 1-1.5 hours per week but the practice you do around this is what will make the difference to really embed the learning. We typically suggest 10-15 minutes practice per day if possible! We know how busy life gets.
When you sign up for the course, you get 6 full months access. The 10 modules becomes available week-by-week for the first 10 weeks, but then you can revisit any of the learning for the remainder of your 6 months.

Get started today for just £297


Have more questions? Email and we will be happy to help.


You want to make some changes in your life and that takes stepping in and up. The work on this course is not light weight, it has far reaching ramifications. It’s not about your accent, it’s about your confidence to be fully you in this language you speak every day.

Now we are not saying it is going to be easy. English is a notoriously complex language, with so many rules about spellings and word stress that cracking the pronunciation can feel like the Everest of the language work you do. But what we do know is a) we are the experts at this – having spent 12 years helping thousands of people find confidence in their speaking and b) our tools are simple, well formed and accessible. We make this simple, and dare I say it, fun.

So what have you got to lose?

Sign up today and make misunderstanding, confusion, blank looks concepts that reside in the past tense. And open to a future of communication confidence. I promise you, it’s a skill for life. 

Why not start the journey towards Mastering your British Accent today?  For £297