Over the years we have been invited to guest and give our views for any number of radio, documentaries, newspapers and TV programmes. We have a selection here.


LSW on BBC Radio 4 August 2021

Founder, Emma Serlin was asked to feature on the You & Yours radio show as an expert guest speaker following the media interest in Olympic commentator Alex Scott’s accent.

FEMAIL explores how accents can affect communication

Hayley Richardson from Femail met with Emma Serlin, founder of the London Speech Workshop, to explore how accents’ can affect our communication.

FEMAIL analyses the transformation of Princess Charlene

Founder of London Speech Workshop, Emma Serlin was asked to comment on the recent footage of Princess Charlene and what her communication style is giving away.

The Guardian

The rise of ‘accent softening’

Daniel Lavelle from the Guardian met with London Speech Workshop Principal Coach Jamie Chapman to explore why elocution lessons are back in vogue.


LSW on Newsnight

Newsnight needed a speech expert to discuss some of the communication styles of political figures, and we were delighted to come in and share our thoughts.

The Communication Equation with Emma Serlin

Extraordinary business books interviewed Emma Serlin about The Communication Equation.


LSW on BBC Radio 4 2015

In September 2015 we were interviewed by Radio 4 about the important relationship between accent and identity.

The Times

LSW in the Times

During the lead up to the royal wedding, LSW founder Emma Serlin was interviewed by the Times Newspaper, to discuss elocution, modern day speaking and Kate Middleton’s voice.

London Live Logo

LSW on London Live 2015

In September 2014 we were invited to be part of a panel on London Live, exploring accent, accent softening and prejudice against accents. It was a fascinating morning with some good opinions shared.


LSW on Newsnight 

BBC Newsnight interviewed us at London Speech Workshop, wanting our thoughts on speech changes in the UK, exploring how the Beckhams get posher, while politicians are softening up their accents.


Four things whales can teach us about life

The BBC includes London Speech Workshop founder Emma Serlin on an expert panel discussing the similarities in communication between whales and humans.


What elephants can teach us about life (and death)

The BBC includes London Speech Workshop founder Emma Serlin on an expert panel discussing the similarities in communication between elephants and humans.


5 Tools To Stop Your Accent Getting In The Way Of Effective Communication


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