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Martina F – Jan 2021

I took lessons at the London Speech Workshop to soften my accent and work on my intonation as a journalist and event moderator with German as my mother tongue. My coach Sam has been extraordinary and absolutely transformative! Towards the middle of the course I could hardly recognise my own voice anymore. Her techniques and […]

Written by Laura Haines

Virginia A – Oct 2020

Working with Sam has been an absolute pleasure! She is patient, very clear in the explanations and very sharp at getting to the bottom the issues. Today it was our last session and we checked the progress made since my first lesson back in March: I was just stunned with the huge difference. Thanks, Sam. […]

Written by Laura Haines

Ramona S – May 2021

The accent reduction course under the expert guidance of Sam Ferree was an incredible journey. She was able to adapt her teaching and coaching to my actual skills and needs, and I felt improvement after each session. She has also significantly increased my awareness of the progress made and of the areas that still needed […]

Written by Laura Haines

Tim W – Jul 2021

I cannot thank you enough for your help, guidance and counsel over recent weeks, it’s been invaluable. I’m not saying you have turned me into a lion in public speaking terms, but you started with a mouse, and I’m now at leopard level! That’s 100% down to you. You are absolutely top of your game, […]

Written by Laura Haines