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Becky Hayman


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Introducing Becky – Our Principal Coach

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About Becky

I’ve always known the impact of great communication – coming from Ireland, talking is a big part of my culture! My ‘gift of the gab’ has helped me to have a successful career in the communication world. From working as a TV Producer on channels such as ITV, BBC & Sky – helping household name presenters and guests to communicate with impact on live television – to now working as a Communication Coach. I get so much joy from helping my clients use communication to unlock their professional potential. There’s nothing better than watching them go from shy to self-assured and becoming the best speakers they can be. I love working for LSW because the team are all just as passionate about this as I am. The Serlin Method is a game changing approach to communication coaching – the techniques are fun, easy to understand, and most importantly, super simple to apply in real life.

Customer Feedback

Google rating score 4.9 out of 5, based on 109 Reviews

"I've just completed the effective communication course with Becky and I would highly recommend. I noticed the difference super quickly within a few weeks. "

Rachel N


"Becky Hayman is hugely helpful and professional in terms of achieving my communications goal. My colleagues shared a very positive feed back after 4 months, the results is obvious."

Joyce M


"I had a series of sessions with Becky Hayman who was an excellent coach. She really understood what I wanted to get out the course and tailored her approach accordingly."

Chris P


"Becky was able to also contextualize the lessons in a way that helped me with my business beyond the podcast. For example with sales and leadership."

David L


"From the initial Taster session, Becky quickly and creatively (Spoon Game), identified key areas to focus on during the course."



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